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Sirius - Melancholy Of Life - On The Other Edge Of The Universe (CDr, Album)

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  1. "Zeitgeist" is the shortest song on the album and is a melancholy number and could perhaps be labeled a ballad. Those familiar with the band's 70's material won't be surprised to hear an acoustic song of this nature. The song sits comfortably in the middle of the CD and helps keep the album .
  2. Jan 16,  · Every dimension of Life in the Universe resonates with a specific frequency, a vibration. Simply opening your Voice to the Sound vibrations and Sacred Sound Languages from different planes of consciousness in the starry realms, dimensions of your own spiritual nature, will open you to realize the vastness of your being and your connection to the Universe lives within your Divine Voice.
  3. As Siri gets smarter, Siri is becoming increasingly helpful. For instance; no matter where in the world you are, you can ask Siri to call the emergency number from where you live and the AI will dial the local emergency number instead. (That's why you should ignore the people who try to trick you into saying, "Hey Siri, " is the emergency services number in India.
  4. Jan 01,  · While the album’s feminism is unabashed, to dismiss the album as one-note or angry is to miss the breadth of experiences Neilson considers or the different tones she takes: Some of the album’s finest moments are the melancholy “A Woman’s Pain,” which draws from the Biblical creation story, and the ribald “Bananas,” about the.
  5. This awesome list was published by The Guardian in It consists of a thousand albums their music team believes are worth listening to, even though they're not necessarily the best albums ever (actually, there are , if I didn't miss any). No artist/band appears more than once, only if they're collaborating with other artists/bands, and compilations, live albums and DJ mixes were.
  6. Sirius (dog), a mythological companion of Orion according to Homer Sirius (), a character in the light novel series Re:Zero − Starting Life in Another WorldSirius, in video game Bomberman 64; Sirius, in the novel Planet of the Apes; Sirius, a planet in video game Serious Sam 2; Sirius Amory, in The Amory Wars series; Sirius Black, in the Harry Potter series.
  7. As Richard adjusts to life on an exposed archipelago in the South Pacific, paradise quickly transforms into a living hell. Marooned for months on end with no supplies or contact with the outside As the ship sails north to a remote group of islands, everything lies ahead for young Richard Broomhead/5(5).
  8. Say Hello to synth electronica artist Mikk Rebane from Tallinn, Estonia, presenting his newest album here at Phonocake. His music is softly depressing and mildly pushing at the same time, kind of an athletic and powerful melancholy. An electrifying poetic view on life.
  9. Mar 16,  · Gloria Vanderbilt is known for her glamorous life, including dalliances with some of Old Hollywood’s biggest names — a fact that has led to some awkward conversations with her journalist son Anderson Cooper. The year-old artist and heiress has been linked Continued.

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