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Psychological Warfare - Dead Whale - Xolotl (CDr, Album)

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  1. Jul 19,  · The whale would have exploded eventually anyway. Things bloat with gas as they rot, right? Whales are pretty elastic, and there's a lot of guts to rot. Sometimes, if a dead whale is found a few days after it died, it's already swollen up to bursting point. Then they go boom.
  2. Jan 11,  · One describes a dead sperm whale with pounds of debris in its belly. A dead gray whale had 20 plastic bags, surgical gloves, towels, a golf ball, and even a pair of sweatpants inside it.
  3. A whale fall occurs when the carcass of a whale has fallen onto the ocean floor at a depth greater than 1, m (3, ft), in the bathyal or abyssal zones. On the sea floor, these carcasses can create complex localized ecosystems that supply sustenance to deep-sea organisms for decades. This is unlike in shallower waters, where a whale carcass will be consumed by scavengers over a relatively.
  4. Mar 09,  · The cards were useful in psychological warfare.:HEART paths clear for the rain gods." He was also the patron of artisans and discovered maize. His alter ego and twin was Xolotl. There's a timeline also listed in the wiki of when sacrifices are made mainly for the Quetzalcoatl, it's the following dates: April 3rdnd and May 13th-June.
  5. Whales are enormous waterbound creatures in the world of the Dishonored franchise that are hunted for their blubber, meat, bones, and most importantly, their oil. Described as "creatures of beauty and sadness", whales are supernatural animals, associated with natural wonder, spirituality, and aesthetics. They have many flippers running down their sides, large, sharp teeth, and barbels hanging.
  6. A Dead Whale Has Been Found on The Edge of The Amazon Jungle. CARLY CASSELLA. 25 FEBRUARY This February, mother nature is keeping us occupied with a puzzling new riddle, and the solution has even got the scientists stumped: how exactly did a humpback whale end up dead on the edge of the Amazon rainforest in Brazil?
  7. Oct 07,  · A young gray whale washed up on San Francisco's Ocean Beach. This video documents the arrival and subsequent burial of the whale. The interview at the beginn.
  8. Nov 02,  · An Australian man has dived into the ocean near Rottnest Island off Western Australia and climbed onto a dead whale while sharks circled the rotting carcass. The parents of .

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